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E2 Visa Franchise Consulting

About Glover Franchise Consultants, LLC

Franchise businesses are very suitable for the E2 Visa and have many advantages. A top concern of many Visa officers is deciding if the E2 applicant will be successful in the business of their choice. Franchises are generally viewed more favorably by immigration because they have successful business models with highly developed, and proven systems. Investing in a franchise business allows foreign entrepreneurs to present professionally prepared operations manuals, marketing, and training materials as part of their E2 Visa applications.

Another key advantage of franchise investment applies to people who lack significant business experience. Most Visa officers consider franchise training and on-going support to be highly relevant and valuable preparation for business success. They are often satisfied with the applicant's readiness for entrepreneurship, even if the person has little to no business background. For these reason, franchises are very well suited as an E2 Visa investment.

Working with a Glover Franchise Consultants, LLC consultant is a fun and informative process. What's more - we are paid by the 500+ franchisors we represent so our services are always free to you the entrepreneur. Glover Franchise Consultants, LLC is not a "sales organization" so there is never any pressure to buy. We understand the challenges of finding the best opportunities for our clients and are here to help you every step of the way.

If you are serious about exploring opportunities in franchise ownership and wish to utilize the expert assistance of a Glover Franchise Consultants, LLC advisor then take a minute to complete the form below.